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January-March 2012

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ATI on your Windows Phone 2012.03.17

An ATI reader has developed a free app that allows you to carry the ATI website on your Windows Phone. (Please note that this is a public beta version. It works, but the developer is still working out a few kinks.)

→ See more info about using ATI on other mobile devices.


Devaduta Sutta: The Deva Messengers (MN 130).
The Buddha's eyewitness account of hell.
An exploration of the Buddha's teaching on rebirth. [PDF icon]


The sutta readings in this guide are organized around the four factors that lead to the attainment of stream-entry and address questions of interest to all meditators, whether or not their practice aims all the way to Awakening. [Formerly two separate study guides: "The Way to Stream-entry" and "Stream-entry and After".] [PDF icon]


Sata Sutta: Mindful (SN 47.35).
What does it mean to be mindful? What does it mean to be alert?
Chanda Sutta: Desire (SN 47.37).
How mindfulness leads to freedom from desire — and beyond.
Pariñña Sutta: Comprehension (SN 47.38).
Comprehension of these four things leads to Awakening.
Amata Sutta: Deathless (SN 47.41).
Don't let the Deathless be lost to you!
Samudaya Sutta: Origination (SN 47.42).
The origination and subsiding of the foundations of mindfulness.
Pathama Sukha Sutta: First Discourse on the Pleasant (AN 10.65).
The benefits of not being re-born.
Dutiya Sukha Sutta: Second Discourse on the Pleasant (AN 10.66).
The benefits of delighting in the Dhamma-Vinaya.


Kolita Sutta: Kolita (SN 21.1).
The real meaning of noble silence.
Maha Saropama Sutta: The Longer Heartwood-simile Discourse (MN 29).
The Buddha compares the rewards of the practice to different parts of a large tree, with total release the most valuable part of the tree: the heartwood. [TB]
Cankama Sutta: Walking (AN 5.29).
The benefits of walking meditation.