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Thig 4.1
Bhadda Kapilani
translated from the Pali by
Hellmuth Hecker & Sister Khema
Son of the Buddha and his heir is he, Great Kassapa — his mind serene, collected. Vision of previous lives is his, Heaven and hell he penetrates. The ceasing of rebirth he has obtained, And supernormal knowledge he has mastered. With these three knowledges possessed by him He is a brahman true, of threefold knowledge. So has she, too, Bhadda the Kapilani, gained for herself The threefold knowledge and has vanquished death. Having bravely vanquished Mara and his host, It is the last formation of a body that she bears. Seeing the world's deep misery, we both went forth And are now both free of cankers, with well-tamed minds. Cooled of passions, we have found deliverance; Cooled of passions, we have found our freedom.
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