Access to Insight: Readings in Theravada Buddhism
The non-doing of any evil,
the performance of what's skillful,
the cleansing of one's own mind:
    this is the teaching
    of the Awakened.

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Zugang zur Einsicht (short: ZzE) is a multilingual "mirror" page of and has the purpose to make the teachings of the Buddha and the early Buddhist Tradition accessable in more languages. Many articles of the origin website are already translated into German and other languages and may find here a place of collection for a good access. More about the origin of Zugang zur Einsicht you may find in Introduction and Blessing. This page is based on the offlineversion of ATI March 2013 and is currently under construction (the english content is allready full avaliable). We are pleased with every kind of co-work and support and you may find some ideas how you could get involved with the fruitfull prospery of this undertaking here: Collaboration. We wish much joy while exploring the site here and may you find what ever will support you to gain the path to real happiness and peace! Anumodana!

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Dhamma talk Dhamma for Laypeople
Ehrw. Thanissaro Bhikkhu [Samanera Johann] (2015; 4 p./8KB)

Letting go is the essence of the Dhamma. Even through we might not be ready to let go, the time will come that we must. In this short talk, Ven. Bhante explains how the aspects of the path are equal for everyone, independent of the fact that one lifes at home or has left into a monastery. A transcription of an evening talk given in April 2015 at Wat Metta.


Dhamma talk Parents: Two short Talks on Gratitude
Ehrw. Thanissaro Bhikkhu [Samanera Johann] (2013; 4 p./6KB)

In this two short morning talks, given at Wat Metta, Ajahn Thanissaro points to the nessesary gratitude in regard of our parents and how we are able to pay them back if we develope ourselves in virtues, for us and generations to come.


Publications on ZzE, in January 2016.


AN 1.98-139 Dutiyapamādādivaggo: The Second Section on Heedlessness (Samana Johann) [] (2016; 2 p./5KB)

Series of short Suttas about inner and outer qualities which lead for one self and others to harm or benefit and to the disappearance or lasting of the true Dhamma.


AN 1.140-149 Adhammavaggo: The section on wrong Dhamma (Samana Johann) [] (2016; 2 p./4KB)

Those who declare, spread and explain the Dhamma and Vinaya of the Buddha rightly, accumulate a lot of merits for them and do it for the benefit of countless beings.


AN 3.164-183 Kammapathapeyyālaṃ: Succession ot the ways of actions (Samana Johann) [] (2016; 4 p./6KB)

This Sutta list the ten unwholesome and wholesome actions, and points to the issue that next in doing by one self, the instigating as well as approving of deeds will bring the same results.


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