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Mv I 32
PTS: Mv I 45 | CS: vin.mv.01.32
The Case of the Man Who had been Branded[1]
Ven. Khematto Bhikkhu
Alternate translations/layout: 'line by line' Pāḷi - English

(Mv.I.45.1) [107] Now at that time a certain man who had been branded/tattooed as punishment had gone forth among the monks. People criticized and complained and spread it about,

“How can the Sakyan-son contemplatives give the Going-forth to one who has been branded/tattooed as punishment?”

They reported the matter to the Blessed One.

“Monks, a man who has been branded/tattooed as punishment should not be given the Going-forth. Whoever should give it: an offense of wrong doing.”


See also BMCII: Chap. 14: Undesirable.
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