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Mv III 13
PTS: Mv III 14 | CS: vin.mv.03.13
Ven. Khematto Bhikkhu
Alternate translations/layout: 'line by line' Pāḷi - English
[223] To enter, and when, how many, and during the Rains. They didn’t want to, intentionally, to delay it, the lay follower. Sick: mother and father, brother and also relative, one living with the monks, a dwelling,[1] beasts and creeping things. Criminals and demons, burned — for them both, carried away by water, it moved, more of them, and donors. With congenial coarse and refined (food), medicine, and an attendant, a woman, a prostitute, a transvestite, a paṇḍaka, along with a relative. A king, criminals, mischief-makers, treasure, and schism, with eight permutations, cowherd camps, caravans, and a boat, in a hollow, and in a fork. Rain-residence out in the open, and without a lodging, charnel houses, under a canopy, and in a large storage vessel — they entered. Having assented to an agreement, and the Uposatha outside, earlier, later, by this method they should be combined: He left with no business, and with some business, in the same way, two or three days, and again, with seven-day business. Not returning within seven days, whether he would return or not.[2] That’s what is inside of the summary of cases: One should attend to the thread [order] of the sequence.

In this khandhaka there are 52 cases.


bhikkhubhatiko [ME: bhikkhugatiko] vihāro
āgaccheyya [na] eyya vā
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