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January-June 2009

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Good will, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity are all qualities that can be developed with practice. To elevate them fully to the level of brahmavihara, however, requires the hard work of bringing real intelligence to your heart.

Two suttas from the Anguttara Nikaya 2009.06.02

Dana Sutta: Giving (AN 6.37).
The six factors with which to make the most of giving.
Kula Sutta: A Family (AN 5.199).
On the rewards of being attentive and hospitable to a visiting monk/nun.

A new look for Access to Insight 2009.06.01

I hope you like the cleaner new design. I've also added a few new features, including:

  • Better searching. If you like, you can now limit the scope of your searches to just the suttas or just the books.
  • Handy tools. The little sunshine icon at the top of every page has some links to useful places. Now a random sutta is never more than a click away!

During the transition to the new design, I've had to temporarily disable a few familiar links and features, including the whole-site download. But don't worry — they'll be back. Stay tuned...

Internet Explorer users and mobile device users: I'm still working on getting the search button and the sunshine pop-up menu to work properly for you. I'm aware of the issue and hope to fix it soon. Thanks for your patience!