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July-December 2009

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Offline Edition ("bulk download") is back 2009.10.11

I'm happy to report that the Offline Edition (formerly called the "bulk download") is back in service. In order to get it to cooperate with this spring's site redesign, I had to rewrite most of the code, which means that there may still be a few glitches. Please let me know if you have any problems with it.

New pop-up tools menu 2009.07.18

You'll now find some handy tools when you hover your mouse over the tiny ATI icon at the top left of each page inside the website. If you have any difficulties using this popup menu, please let me know.


Timsa Sutta: Thirty (SN 15.13).
Which is greater, the blood you have shed in your long journey in samsara, or the water in the four great oceans?


Have you ever felt vaguely uneasy upon hearing the 'dana talk' that often accompanies the beginning or end of a Western-style meditation retreat? If so, you're not alone. Such fundraising appeals have little in common with the Buddha's original teachings on generosity.