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Dhp XV
Sukhavagga: Happy
translated from the Pali by
Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Alternate translation: Buddharakkhita | Daw Mya Tin
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How very happily we live, free from hostility among those who are hostile. Among hostile people, free from hostility we dwell. How very happily we live, free from misery among those who are miserable. Among miserable people, free from misery we dwell. How very happily we live, free from busyness among those who are busy. Among busy people, free from busyness we dwell. How very happily we live, we who have nothing. We will feed on rapture like the Radiant gods.
Winning gives birth to hostility. Losing, one lies down in pain. The calmed lie down with ease, having set winning & losing aside.
There's no fire like passion, no loss like anger, no pain like the aggregates, no ease other than peace. Hunger: the foremost illness. Fabrications: the foremost pain. For one knowing this truth as it actually is, Unbinding is the foremost ease. Freedom from illness: the foremost good fortune. Contentment: the foremost wealth. Trust: the foremost kinship. Unbinding: the foremost ease.
Drinking the nourishment, the flavor, of seclusion & calm, one is freed from evil, devoid of distress, refreshed with the nourishment of rapture in the Dhamma.
It's good to see Noble Ones. Happy their company — always. Through not seeing fools constantly, constantly one would be happy. For, living with a fool, one grieves a long time. Painful is communion with fools, as with an enemy — always. Happy is communion with the enlightened, as with a gathering of kin. So: the enlightened man — discerning, learned, enduring, dutiful, noble, intelligent, a man of integrity: follow him — one of this sort — as the moon, the path of the zodiac stars.