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Khp 5
PTS: Khp 5
Mangala Sutta: Blessings
translated from the Pali by
Dr. R.L. Soni
Alternate translations: Narada | Piyadassi | Thanissaro
This sutta also appears at Sn 2.4

Thus have I heard:

Once while the Blessed One was staying in the vicinity of Saavatthi, in the Jeta Grove, in Anaathapi.n.dika's monastery, a certain deity, whose surpassing brilliance and beauty illumined the entire Jeta Grove, late one night came to the presence of the Blessed One; having come to him and offered profound salutations he stood on one side and spoke to him reverently in the following verse:

Many deities and human beings Have pondered what are blessings, Which they hope will bring them safety: Declare to them, Sir, the Highest Blessing.

(To this the Blessed One replied):

With fools no company keeping. With the wise ever consorting, To the worthy homage paying: This, the Highest Blessing. Congenial place to dwell, In the past merits making, One's self directed well: This, the Highest Blessing. Ample learning, in crafts ability, With a well-trained disciplining, Well-spoken words, civility: This, the Highest Blessing. Mother, father well supporting, Wife and children duly cherishing, Types of work unconflicting: This, the Highest Blessing. Acts of giving, righteous living, Relatives and kin supporting, Actions blameless then pursuing: This, the Highest Blessing. Avoiding evil and abstaining, From besotting drinks refraining, Diligence in Dhamma doing: This, the Highest Blessing. Right reverence and humility Contentment and a grateful bearing, Hearing Dhamma when it's timely: This, the Highest Blessing. Patience, meekness when corrected, Seeing monks and then discussing About the Dhamma when it's timely: This, the Highest Blessing. Self-restraint and holy life, All the Noble Truths in-seeing, Realization of Nibbaana: This, the Highest Blessing. Though touched by worldly circumstances, Never his mind is wavering, Sorrowless, stainless and secure: This, the Highest Blessing. Since by acting in this way, They are everywhere unvanquished, And everywhere they go in safety: Theirs, the Highest Blessings.

Here ends the Discourse on Blessings.