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Kodex für buddhistische Einsiedler I
Thanissaro Bhikkhu
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A factor analysis for the Pāṭimokkha rules whose explanations were not framed in that format:

Sg 12

1) Effort: a) One makes oneself unadmonishable

b) even when rebuked three times in a properly performed Community transaction.

Sg 13

1) Effort: a) One criticizes a valid act of banishment imposed on oneself or one criticizes those who imposed it

b) even when rebuked three times in a properly performed Community transaction.

NP 15

1) Object: a felt sitting rug made without incorporating a piece of old felt a sugata span on each side and intended for one's own use.

2) Effort: One either makes it oneself, gets someone else to make it, finishes what others have let unfinished, or gets someone else to finish what one has left unfinished.

3) Result: One obtains it after it is finished (or finishes it, if one is making it oneself).

NP 22

1) Effort: Before one's almsbowl is unusable, one asks for

2) Object: a new almsbowl that is suitable to determine.

3) Result: One receives the bowl.

Pc 19

1) Object: a large dwelling, having a sponsor and intended for oneself.

2) Effort: One has more than three layers of roofing material applied (directing the work, or doing it oneself).

Pc 31

1) Object: any one of the five staple foods.

2) Effort: One eats such food at a public alms center when one is not ill, or when any of the other conditions listed in the non-offense clauses do not apply.

Pc 32

1) Object: a group meal — consisting of any of the five types of staple foods to which four or more bhikkhus are invited.

2) Effort: One eats the meal except on the proper occasions.

Pc 57

1) Effort: When living in the middle Ganges Valley, one bathes at intervals of less than half a month except at the proper occasions.

Pc 68

1) Effort: a) One insists that an obstruction is not an obstruction; b) even when rebuked three times in a properly performed Community transaction.