Index Jataka Stories:
no. 151 - 200
translated for Pali into English by
W.H.D. Rouse
edited by
E. B. Cowell
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Jataka 151 - 160   

Dutiyo bhāgo

  • II. Dukanipāto

  • 1. Daḷhavaggo

  • J 151: Rājovāda-Jātaka (Rājovādajātakaṃ) {Sutta: J ii 004|J 151|J 151} {Vaṇṇanā: atta. J 151|atta. J 151} [Rouse].
    Occasion: not avaliable in English. Story: Two kings, both wise and good, meet in a narrow way, and a dispute arises who is to give place. Both are of the same age and power. Their drivers sing each his master's praises. One is good to the good, and bad to the bad; the other repays evil with good. The first acknowledges his superior, and gives place.
  • J 152: Sigāla-Jātaka (Sigālajātakaṃ) {Sutta: J ii 008|J 152|J 152} {Vaṇṇanā: atta. J 152|atta. J 152} [Rouse].
    Occasion: not avaliable in English. Story: The Bodhisatta is a young lion, one of seven brothers; a Jackal proposes love to his sister. Six of the brothers set out to kill the jackal, but seeing him as he lies in a crystal grotto, imagine him to be in the sky, leap up and kill themselves. The Bodhisatta roars, and the jackal dies of fear.
  • J 153: ūkara-Jātaka (Sukarajātakaṃ) {Sutta: J ii 011|J 153|J 153} {Vaṇṇanā: atta. J 153|atta. J 153} [Rouse].
    Occasion: not avaliable in English. Story: A boar challenges a lion to fight; and then in fear wallows amid filth until he smells so foul that the lion will not come near him, but owns himself vanquished rather than fight with him.
  • J 154: Uraga-Jātaka (Uragajātakaṃ) {Sutta: J ii 014|J 154|J 154} {Vaṇṇanā: atta. J 154|atta. J 154} [Rouse].
    Occasion: not avaliable in English. Story: A Garuḷa chases a serpent, which taking the form of a jewel, fixes himself upon an ascetic's garment, and by this means wins safety.
  • J 155: Gagga-Jātaka (Gagagajātakaṃ) {Sutta: J ii 016|J 155|J 155} {Vaṇṇanā: atta. J 155|atta. J 155} [Rouse].
    Occasion: not avaliable in English. Story: How a goblin had power over all people who did not wish each other well at a sneeze, and how he was foiled.
  • J 156: Alīnacitta-Jātaka (Alīnacittajātakaṃ) {Sutta: J ii 022|J 156|J 156} {Vaṇṇanā: atta. J 156|atta. J 156} [Rouse].
    Occasion: not avaliable in English. Story: An elephant runs a thorn into its foot; it is tended by some carpenters, and serves them out of gratitude. His young one takes his place afterwards, and is bought by the king for a large sum. How on the king's death, it routs a hostile host, and saves the kingdom for the king's infant son.
  • J 157: Guṇa-Jātaka (Guṇapātakaṃ) {Sutta: J ii 029|J 157|J 157} {Vaṇṇanā: atta. J 157|atta. J 157} [Rouse].
    Occasion: not avaliable in English. Story: A jackal rescues a lion, who out of gratitude makes him a friend. The lioness is jealous of the she-jackal; then the whole matter is explained, and maxims given in praise of friendship.
  • J 158: Suhanu-Jātaka (Suhanujātakaṃ) {Sutta: J ii 032|J 158|J 158} {Vaṇṇanā: atta. J 158|atta. J 158} [Rouse].
    Occasion: not avaliable in English. Story: Two savage horses, that maltreat all other of their kind, strike up a sudden friendship with each other, thus illustrating the proverb, 'Birds of a feather.'
  • J 159: Mora-Jātaka (Morajātakaṃ) {Sutta: J ii 035|J 159|J 159} {Vaṇṇanā: atta. J 159|atta. J 159} [Rouse].
    Occasion: not avaliable in English. Story: How a peacock kept itself safe by reciting spells; how its mind was disturbed by hearing the female's note, and it was caught; how the king desired to eat it, but the peacock discoursed such good divinity that he was stayed; and finally the bird was set free again to return to the mountains.
  • J 160: Vinīlaka-Jātaka (Vinilakajātakaṃ) {Sutta: J ii 040|J 160|J 160} {Vaṇṇanā: atta. J 160|atta. J 160} [Rouse].
    Occasion: not avaliable in English. Story: A bird, the offspring of a goose with a crow, is being carried by his father's two other sons to see him, but is arrogant and compares them to horses that serve him; so he is sent back again.

Jataka 161 - 170   

  • 2. Santhavavaggo

Jataka 171 - 180   

  • 3. Kalyāṇavaggo

Jataka 181 - 190   

  • 4. Asadisavaggo

Jataka 191 - 200   

  • 5. Ruhakavaggo

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