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SN 1.9
PTS: S i 4
CDB i 93
Maanakaamo Sutta: Vain Conceits
übersetzt aus dem Pali von
Maurice O'Connell Walshe
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Der Pali-Titel dieser Sutta basiert auf der PTS (Feer) - Ausgabe.

...the deva spoke this verse...:

Who has not tamed all vain conceits,[1] Who lacks in wisdom, uncontrolled, Heedless, in the woods may dwell alone, Yet will not escape the realm of death.

[The Blessed One replied:]

Who, concentrated, leaves conceits behind, His heart and mind[2] set fair, and wholly freed, Heedful dwelling in the woods alone, Shall indeed escape the realm of death.[3]


Maanakaama: "conceit and lust."
Citta: "mind," but often like the metaphorical use of "heart" in English.
He will pass "beyond death" to Nibbaana.
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