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SN 22.110
PTS: S iii 161
CDB i 966
Araha.m Sutta: The Arahant
übersetzt aus dem Pali von
Maurice O'Connell Walshe
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Der Pali-Titel dieser Sutta basiert auf der PTS (Feer) - Ausgabe.

[As above (in SN 22.109):] "And when, monks, a monk, having seen as they really are the arising and the passing away, the attractiveness and the danger, and the deliverance from the five groups of clinging, is released without clinging, he, monks, is called a monk in whom the cankers are destroyed, who has lived the life to perfection, done what had to be done, put down the burden, gained the highest goal, worn through the fetters of rebirth, and is liberated by perfect insight."[1]


The whole phrase is a standard description of the Arahant found at many places in the Canon.
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