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Thig 5.8
Sona: With Many Children
übersetzt aus dem Pali von
Hellmuth Hecker & Ehrw. Schwester Khema
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Alternative Übersetzung: Thanissaro
Ten children having borne from this bodily congeries, so I, now weak and old, approached a Bhikkhuni. The Dhamma she taught me — groups, sense-spheres and elements, I heard the Dhamma, and having shaved my hair, went forth. While still a probationer I purified the eye divine; Former lives I knew, and where I lived before. One-pointed, well-composed, the Signless I developed, immediately released, unclinging now and quenched! Knowing the five groups well, they still exist; but with their roots removed. Unmovable am I, on a stable basis sure, now rebirth is no more.
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