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SN 36.1
PTS: S iv 204
CDB ii 1260
Samadhi Sutta: Concentration
übersetzt aus dem Pali von
Nyanaponika Thera
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"There are, O monks, these three feelings: pleasant feelings, painful feelings, and neither-painful-nor-pleasant feelings."

A disciple of the Buddha, mindful, clearly comprehending, with his mind collected, he knows the feelings[1] and their origin,[2] knows whereby they cease[3] and knows the path that to the ending of feelings lead.[4] And when the end of feelings he has reached, such a monk, his thirsting quenched, attains Nibbana."[5]


Comy.: He knows the feelings by way of the Truth of Suffering.
Comy.: He knows them by way of the Truth of the Origin of Suffering.
Comy.: He knows, by way of the Truth of Cessation, that feelings cease in Nibbana.
Comy.: He knows the feelings by way of the Truth of the Path leading to the Cessation of Suffering.
Parinibbuto, "fully extinguished"; Comy.: through the full extinction of the defilements (kilesa-parinibbanaya).
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