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Thig 6.5
Anopama, the Millionaire's Daughter
übersetzt aus dem Pali von
Thanissaro Bhikkhu
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Born in a high-ranking family with much property, great wealth, consummate in complexion & figure, I was the daughter of Majjha, the treasurer. Sons of kings sought for me, sons of rich merchants longed for me. One of them sent my father a messenger, saying, "Give me Anopama. I will give in return eight times her weight in jewels & gold." But I, having seen the One Self-awakened, unsurpassed, excelling the world, paid homage to his feet, sat down to one side. He, Gotama, from sympathy, taught me the Dhamma. And as I sat in that very seat, I attained the third fruit [of non-return.] Then I cut off my hair, and went forth into homelessness. Today is the seventh day since I made craving wither away.
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